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Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya (GSV), a newly created Central University, is India’s first University in the Transportation and Logistics sectors. The University offers a unique value proposition in applied education, training, skilling and research through experiential learning and academia-industry interface to build top quality manpower. Being an Industry-driven and Innovation-led University with a relevant mandate to significantly impact national development, the University has established and in process of establishing national and international collaborations across prestigious universities and leading industries.

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Our Programs

B.Tech. Programs
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering(Specialization: Rail Engineering)
B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering(Specialization: Rail Engineering)
B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (Specialization: Rail Engineering)
B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering (Specialization: Rail Engineering)
B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (Specialization: Transportation and Logistics)
B.Tech. in Aviation Engineering
M.Tech. Programs (Exclusively for Working Professionals)
M.Tech. (Intelligent Transport System)
M.Tech. (Railway Engineering)
Management Stream
MBA (Regular)
MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
MBA (Ports and Shipping Logistics)
MBA (Exclusively for Working Professionals)
MBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)
MBA (Multi-modal Transportation)
MBA (Metro Rail Management)
Ph.D Programs (Exclusively for Working Professionals)
Ph.D in Engineering
Ph.D in Management


GSV has forged academic partnerships with top-ranked global universities offering opportunities for students and faculty exchange, joint research and learning.