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The objective of the club is to enrich the lives of its members and equip them with the tools to listen immaculately, speak articulately, read well, and write succinctly. It will also act as a place for learning and discussions in the aforementioned domains.


01. Reading – Activities relating to fiction and non-fiction book reading, discussions, etc. will be within this domain.

02. Writing – All forms of writing, like creative, academic, etc., will be within this domain.

03. Speaking – Activities involving speaking, such as debating, oration, etc. will be under this domain.

04. Quiz – Quizzes are closely related to the goals of literary club, and also with the domains within. All type of quiz activities will be under this domain.


Battle of Wits- Agnee’22

May 09th, 2022

The National Rail and Transportation Institute conducted its first annual fest Agnee in the second week of May 2022. On the occasion of Agnee, Literary Club conducted a fun event- Battle of Wits on 9th May. It was a neck-to-neck competition, where participants battled on a wide range of topics from sports to entertainment. There were three rounds- Pop Culture (entertainment quiz), The Fandom Roast and an Audio-Visual Round. It was a delightful evening, and the winners were awarded with prizes.

Maatribhasha Diwas’22

February 21st, 2022

The Literary Club of NRTI, in collaboration with Malhaar, the Music Club, celebrated the International Mother Language Day – Maatribhasha Diwas, on 21st February 2022. The event’s name was ‘Vividh’, and the theme was ‘Revisiting Unity in Diversity. It was organised at Sardar Patel Sabhagriha in hybrid mode. The event was hosted by Sumit Kumar Mishra (TYBSc) and Himanshu Jain (SYBBA). The students of NRTI represented 8 Indian languages through speeches, songs and presentations on eminent literary personalities in their mother tongue. The event was graced by Professor Chintamani Panda, Dean, College of Agriculture, Bhawanipatna, Odisha as the Guest of Honour. The event commenced at 5:30 pm with the welcome note by the host followed by addresses from the various dignitaries of NRTI. Then, Professor Chintamani graced the occasion with his golden words. The talented students of NRTI then came forward to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions in their mother language. The speeches were made on’ Self-expression is more spontaneous in mother tongue than in any other language’. The singing performances showcased the beauty of Indian culture through the richness and expressiveness of their lyrics and music. The PowerPoint Presentations discussed the prominent literary figures and highlighted their contributions to the respective languages and culture. The students presented these in 8 Indian languages: Tamil, Odia, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam and Hindi. There were six speeches, eight songs and 6 PPT presentations. The culturally lit evening came to an end with a vote of thanks by Supriya Narayan (SYBTech).


January 26th, 2022

On January 26, 2022, the Literary Club of NRTI organized Ahvaan – an online elocution competition. The event took place at 11:00 AM through the Zoom meeting platform. A total of 9 speakers participated in the event.

The Topic for the competition was “Re-writing Education and Nation in times of the pandemic.” The event was hosted by two Literary Club members, Shreya Vatsa (TYBBA) and Era Kataria (FYBBA). The jury panel consisted of Dr. Pradeep Kankeri and Dr. Abhilasha Saksena.

The speakers shared their experiences on how the covid-19 pandemic brought a revolutionary change in education and every other important aspect. They described the transition from regular classes to the online mode of education and what it meant for the youth of India. The jury evaluated them based on their content, language proficiency, and delivery effectiveness.

The first position was secured by Himanshu Jain (SYBBA), followed by Supriya Narayan (SYBTech) in the second position and Ishitva Aggarwal (FYBBA) in the third position.

The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Shreya Vatsa.


January 15th, 2022

On January 15, 2022, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Literary and Management Society of NIT Bhopal – the Intellect Browsers’ Consortium (IBC) and the Literary Club of NRTI. The clubs collaborated for conducting the event – Azure ’22.

Azure ’22 was an online national-level writing competition for college students. Participants were free to choose their category and topic, provided they had to be English.

A total of 65 students participated in this competition, out of which 55 were from NRTI, and 10 students were from other colleges who participated using the referral code of NRTI. The participants were divided into groups, and a Literary Club member was allocated to each group. The participants of a particular group were supposed to submit their entries to the Literary Club member assigned to them. The Club members conducted plagiarism checks on the submitted entries and then approved them for final submission to the NIT The tally of submitted entries stood at 59, including short stories, poems, and articles.

Kahi Ankahi Kahaniyaan

December 22nd, 2021

The end of the year marks the beginning of a new dawn, a new year, a fresh start, a new page to the story of life. The literary Club hosted the” KAHI ANKAHI KAHANIYAAN” human book event to let the students put aside their backgrounds, their beliefs and enjoy each other’s company. This event marked the end of the academic year-2021, saving the last peril to shine the brightest.

The “KAHI ANKAHI KAHANIYAAN” event was held on December 22 in the Multi-Purpose Hall. It was open to all students of the NRTI to recite any stormy weather, their own life story or from some book, to give life lessons or to share some lovely and funny moments with the public, to share their experience during Covid lockdown or create a spooky environment to some horror stories.

The students took part enthusiastically and somewhat bashfully. Still, everyone enjoyed the company of their fellow peers; some stories amused the audience, some managed to get a giggle out of the public, and some stories made people remember their lost ones. The event added a touch of bright colours to the lives of students who didn’t get to see the campus and enjoy the company of the seniors and share their experience of college life, weeklong jubilant program, and to become a pearl in the memories of the students.

Quiz Express

To give the freshers a challenging start and get them acquainted with university-level quizzing, Literary Club hosted the Quiz Express, the first event exclusively for first-year undergraduate students. The most exciting fact was that the quizmasters were themselves, first-year students.

24 teams of 3 members each participated in this event. There were three rounds:

Fastest Hands First: In this round, there were ten questions. It was a buzzer round in which the team members who knew the answer had to press the buzzer and answer.

Kaun Kitne Pani Mein: Audio-visual round where the best ten teams were selected from the first round. Five pairs were made for this round, and three questions were asked to each couple. Only one team from each pair was shortlisted for the final.

Finale Round: There had to be a constraint in the last round. The time was kept fixed for every team. Each team had to answer three questions within 90 seconds. The five teams qualified for the final round were:

01. Team Terminator

02. Team Wizdom

03. Team Quiz Wizard

04. Team Devil

05. Team X-Factor

A very fierce battle took place between the teams. The winners of the quiz event were:

01. Terminator

02. Devil

03. Wizdom

“After school, it was my first Quiz… It was fascinating… The standard of the questions was quite good, which made the quiz very interesting,” says Saurabh Kumar, who was a member of the winning team, Terminator.

Documentary Screening

November 25th, 2021

On November 25, 2021, The Literary Club of NRTI organized a documentary screening event for its members. The event was conducted in Room No. 5 (ground floor) of the NRTI campus at 6:00 PM. The documentary shown was ‘The Dam Keeper, an animated short film by Robert Kondo and Daisuke Tsutsumi.

The story’s main character, the Pig, lived in a windmill outside the village and rotated its blades every 8 hours to keep the deadly fog from engulfing the town. However, his efforts were not recognized, and his peers made fun of him. Through the Pig’s character, the movie depicted the themes of social exclusion and loneliness. The entry of the Fox with her sketchbook showed a way of escaping the world’s harsh realities through art. The Pig and the Fox became friends. But due to a misunderstanding with the Fox, the Pig felt offended and decided to let the fog enter the village. He later realized his mistake and got rid of the mist just in the nick of time. After that, the Fox and Pig lived as friends and played at the windmill.

Twenty-two members of the Literary Club attended the event. After the screening of the movie, the present members were asked to share their views about it. This was followed by a short quiz of seven questions based on the film. Two members won the quiz and got a cash prize of Rs. 100 each.

After the quiz, a captioning activity was conducted. The best captions were given by Ketan Sharma (SYMBA), Shubhankar Karn (TYBSc), and Priya Rani (SYBTech). Their captions were featured on Literary Club’s official Instagram handle.


Photographs were taken of all the participants present for the event. The event concluded with some snacks for all participants.


Literary Fusion

September 25th, 2021

After a long seven months break, Literary Club was back again, and this time with an exciting event titled LITERARY FUSION. The event took place on September 25, 2021. The event proved to be the perfect place, a one-stop shop for all the literary enthusiasts who love reading books and novels. The motive of the event was to give a common platform to book lovers and encourage them to read books during this virtual mode of study.

Twenty-five participants were selected to participate in the event. The event became more and more interesting as the event gathered momentum. The event had spell bee and quizzes about famous books and movies. The high spirit of the participants was also a reason that made the event so remarkable.

The winners of the event were:

Jijo John- SYBTech

Kashish Chanchal- SYBSc

Ananya Lahari- SYBTech

All the winners were rewarded with cash prizes. Overall, the event was successful and colossal.



February 13th, 2021

Lit Week-End was held online to light up the students’ spirits during the Covid pandemic when the institute turned up to online mode of education. First- and second-year students participated extensively in the various competitions and events. It brought light and enjoyment to the monotonous lockdown life of students. The various events were held to groom and create a sense of familiarity between first-year students and seniors of the institute.

Lit Week-End started with the “BAAT-PE-BAAT” debate competition held to let the curious minds bring light and awareness in the crowd and provide a stage for first- and second-year students to test each other’s strengths and gain common grounds with different views. The competition was held between 10 groups of 3 members each to compete with their words and find a sense of common ground with their peers. And to top it off, on February 14, the literary Club conducted a “QUIZOTOPIA” quiz competition to promote healthy competition among the peers and to let the students from different backgrounds familiarize themselves by participating in teams of 4 members and testing their know-how, and was followed by “OPEN-MIC” stage event to end the cherry on the cake.

The Lit Week-End ended with the “OPEN-MIC” event to let all young poets, singers, and geniuses show their eloquence. This program was open to all, and any students could present their work to the public and interact with fellow mates who share the same interests. This gave a great end to the week-long jubilant event and left an exciting image in the students’ memories.