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Solid Mechanics Lab

Solid Mechanics Laboratory is well equipped with destructive testing machineries. Students will be able to understand the basic concepts of Solid Mechanics and enable to apply them to practical problems in this laboratory. Different types of tests are conducted in this laboratory as per standards (ASTM and IS) for mechanical properties of various materials such as Young’s Modulus, Shear Modulus, Hardness, Toughness, Stiffness, etc.


  1. Observe the behaviour of materials by conducting Tension, Compression & Shear tests.
  2. Evaluate the Impact Strength of Material.
  3. Determine the Hardness of a given material.
  4. Determine Elastic constants of a given material using flexural and torsion tests.
  5. Determine experimental stress with fatigue and compression Tests.


  1. Tensile test on mild steel
  2. Compression test on utm
  3. Transverse test on utm
  4. Determination of impact strength of steel (by charpy test)
  5. Determination of impact strength of steel (by izod test)
  6. Brinell hardness test
  7. Rock well hardness test
  8. Vickers hardness test
  9. Fatigue test
  10. Ultrasonic flaw detection