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Dr. V Chintala, is a Founding Associate Professor in National Rail and Transportation Institute (NRTI: Deemed to be University), Vadodara, India. The NRTI is India's first university focused on transportation-domain education, established by Ministry of Railways, Govt of India. Dr. Chintala is alumni of IIT Delhi, did his PhD from Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi in the field of transportation. He is the recipient of “Smt. Vijay Sodha” award for his best research work at IIT Delhi in the year 2015. Graduated from Jawahar Lal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada in Mechanical Engineering. He did his post-graduation from Rajiv Gandhi Technological University, Bhopal. He has been teaching to UG/PG/PhD students of Engineering for the past 13 years. He worked with industries for about 2 years prior to his teaching assignments. His area of specialization is Internal combustion engines, Alternate fuels for transportation sector, and waste to energy conversion (WTE) technologies. Currently he is working in solar thermal pyrolysis of waste materials including sewage sludge, agriculture waste, and municipal solid waste. He is also working in conversion of municipal and industrial plastic waste to fuels conversion technologies. He has completed several R&D projects from Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) etc. Currently, he is working on the DST sponsored project to commercialize the plasto fuel production from plastic waste with industries. To his credit, he published about 56 research articles in renowned journals such as “Renewable and Sustainable energy reviews”, and “Applied Energy” etc. He has authored several book chapters published by Elsevier publications. He is continuously disseminating his research findings in various platforms such as DLR Germany, DST New Delhi, and DIBER Haldwani etc.



  • Ph.D. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, India 2016
  • M.E. (Industrial Engineering & Management) S.G.S.I.T.S. College of Technology & Science, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. 2008
  • B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering) Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. 2003


  • Research & Development experience (at IIT Delhi) : 4.5 Yrs. (Including PhD) Outcomes: * Able to develop the experimental facility and carry out experimental tests on Internal Combustion engines • Able to analyze the combustion, performance and emission characteristics of IC engines
  • Teaching experience (at UG (B.Tech.) and PG (M.Tech.) level students) : 13 Yrs. Outcomes: * Able to teach technical subjects including Thermodynamics, Engineering mechanics, IC Engines, Automobile engineering • Guided several research projects in the field of Mechanical Engineering at UG level
  •  Industrial experience (Maintenance Engineering Trainee) : 01 Yr. Outcomes: * Able to diagnose the technical faults in machinery used in production system and rectify them

Professional Distinctions

  • 1 Worked as “Management Representative (MR)” for ISO 9001-2008 certification for Malwa Institute of Technology, Indore.
  • 2 Worked as Coordinator for NBA accreditation for Malwa Institute of Technology, Indore
  • 3 Editorial member of the college magazine “INGENUITY …the creation of Malwa
  • 4 Worked as “Assistant superintendent” for University Examinations (Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal).
  • 5 Acted as President, Energy Forum at Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi for 2013-2014
  • 6 Life member of “The Combustion Institute-Indian Section”; Life Membership Number: LMC-1248
  • 7 Member of “International Association of Hydrogen Energy-IITD Chapter”; Membership Number: IAHE-IITD -13-03
  • 8 Member of “SAE India”, Membership Number: 170549750

Key Publications

  • V Chintala Influence of flame quenching and crevice gas on hydrocarbon emission formation in an enriched biogas dual-fuel engine – An experimental and theoretical investigation Fuel (Elsevier) 277 118084 2020 5.128
  • Amit Sharma, Pankaj S, V Chintala, N Khatri, Alok Patel Environment-Friendly Biodiesel/Diesel Blends for Improving the Exhaust Emission and Engine Performance to Reduce the Pollutants Emitted from Transportation Fleets International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (MDPI) 17 3896 2020 2.468
  • Ramesh V K and V Chintala Glasshouse-enclosed parabolic trough for direct steam generation for solar thermal-enhanced oil recovery (EOR) – energy performance assessment Energy sources, part A: recovery, utilization, and environmental effects 14 1825 2020 1.184
  • PS Ranjit and V Chintala Impact of liquid fuel injection timings on gaseous hydrogen supplemented -preheated straight vegetable oil (SVO) operated compression ignition engine Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects (Taylor & Francis) 1 1-22 2020 0.894
  • Swapnil Bhurat, Shyam Pandey, and V Chintala Combined effect of external mixture formation and cooled exhaust gas recirculation on engine performance and emissions characteristics of partially pre-mixed charged compression ignition engine Environmental progress & Sustainable Energy 21 1-9 2020 1.989
  • Swapnil Bhurat, Shyam Pandey, and V Chintala Combined effect of external mixture formation and cooled exhaust gas recirculation on engine performance and emissions characteristics of partially pre-mixed charged compression ignition engine Environmental progress & Sustainable Energy 21 1-9 2020 1.989
  • K Moorthy, V Chintala, Amit Sharma, Praveen G Review of Catalyst materials in achieving the liquid hydrocarbon fuels from municipal mixed plastic waste (MMPW) Materials today Communications (Elsevier) - - 2020 -
  • V Chintala, Vikesh S., Ashish Karn Efficiency and effectiveness enhancement of an intercooler of two‐stage air compressor by low‐cost Al2O3/water nanofluids Heat Transfer (Wiely) - 1-8 2020 -
  • V. Chintala Production, upgradation and utilization of solar assisted pyrolysis fuels from biomass – A technical review Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 90 120-130 2018 9.184
  • Chintala V, Kumar S, Pandey JK Solar thermal pyrolysis of non-edible seeds to biofuels and their feasibility assessment. Energy Conversion and Management 153 482-492 2017 6.377
  • Chintala V, Kumar S, Pandey JK Assessment of performance, combustion and emission characteristics of a direct injection diesel engine with solar driven Jatropha biomass pyrolysed oil Energy Conversion and Management 148 611-622 2017 6.377
  • Chintala V, Godkhe P, Phadtare S, Tadpatrikar M, Pandey JK, Kumar S A comparative assessment of single cylinder diesel engine characteristics with plasto-oils derived from municipal mixed plastic waste Energy Conversion and Management 166 579-589 2018 6.377
  • Mondal S, Mondal AK, Chintala V, Tauseef SM, Kumar S, Pandey JK Thermochemical pyrolysis of biomass using solar energy for efficient biofuel production: a review Biofuels 12 1-10 2018 --
  • Chintala V, Kumar S, Pandey JK A technical review on waste heat recovery from compression ignition engines using organic Rankine cycle Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 81 493-509 2018 9.184
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian Experimental investigation of autoignition of hydrogen-air charge in a compression ignition engine under dual-fuel mode Energy 138 197-209 2017 4.968
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian A Comprehensive Review on Performance, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Hydrogen Dual Fuel Engines Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 70 472– 491 2017 9.184
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian CFD Analysis on Effect of Localized In-cylinder Temperature on Nitric Oxide (NO) Emission in a Compression Ignition Engine under Hydrogen Diesel Dual Fuel Mode Energy 116 470-488 2016 4.968
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian Experimental Investigation on Hydrogen Energy Share Improvement in a Compression Ignition Engine using Water injection and Compression Ratio Reduction Energy Conversion and Management 108 106- 119 2016 6.377
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian An effort to enhance hydrogen energy share in a compression ignition engine under dual-fuel mode using low temperature combustion strategies Applied Energy 146 174- 183 2015 7.900
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian Experimental Investigations on Effect of Different Compression Ratios on Enhancement of Maximum Hydrogen Energy Share in a Compression Ignition Engine under Dual-Fuel Mode Energy 87 448- 462 2015 4.968
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian Assessment of maximum available work of a hydrogen fueled compression ignition engine using exergy analysis Energy 67 162- 175 2014 4.968
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian Hydrogen energy share improvement along with NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emission reduction in a hydrogen dual-fuel compression ignition engine using water injection Energy Conversion and Management 83 249- 259 2014 6.377
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian Experimental Investigation on Effect of Enhanced Premixed Charge on Combustion Characteristics of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Int. J. of Advances in Engg. Sci. and Applied Mathematics 6 3-16 2014 --
  • V. Chintala and K. A. Subramanian A CFD (computational fluid dynamics) study for optimization of gas injector orientation for performance improvement of a dual-fuel diesel engine Energy 57 709-721 2013 4.968
  • A. Shrama, P. Suresh and V. Chintala Performance and Emissions Characteristics of diesel engine using complementary blending of Castor and Karanja biodiesel Biofuels 6 1-8 2016 --
  • Amit Kumar Sharma, V Chintala Comparative assessment of a microalgae-biodiesel fueled CI engine with conventional diesel and polanga-biodiesel fuels Renewable Energy Under review -- -- 3.153
  • V. Chintala and A. K. Birru AHP-QFD Framework for a Healthcare Service Quality International Journal of Business Review and Manufacturing Management 1(2) 8 -16 2011 ISSN: 2231-5349
  • V. Chintala and A. K. Birru Integrated Quality Function Deployment as a Tool for Quality Achievement in a Healthcare International Journal of Applied Industrial Engineering 1(2) 80 -92 2012 EISSN: 2155-4161
  • V. Chintala and A. K. Birru Cascade of three phased QFD integrated with AHP Industrial Engineering Journal 5 (10) 7 - 10 2012 ISSN: 0970-2555
  • A. K. Birru, P. Uday bhanu and V. Chintala Knowledge management approach to enhance quality in healthcare Industrial Engineering Journal 6(4) 7-8 2013 ISSN: 0970-2555
  • P.S. Ranjit and V. Chintala On the aspect of influence of fuel injection timing on preheated straight vegetable oil fueled diesel engine with hydrogen supplementation Energy Under Review 4.968
  • Praveen Ghodke, Komalkant Adlak, V Chintala and J K Pandey Pyrolysis of virgin plastic and mixed plastic waste to produce usable fuel Energy conversion management Under Review 6.377

Research Area(s)

  • Municipal mixed plastic waste to Fuels/valuable materials conversion
  • Renewable energy technologies; Solar thermochemical pyrolysis of biomass materials
  • Waste (MSW/Sewage sludge/Vegetable waste/Agriculture biomass) to Energy conversion
  • Internal combustion engines and Biofuels/Alternate fuels for transportation
  • Dual fuel compression ignition engines with the use of hydrogen, CNG, biogas fuels
  • Emission reduction technologies with low-cost catalysts

Key Research Projects

  • Solar preheated thermo-chemical conversion of municipal mixed solid waste to high quality plasto-fuels for transportation and industrial heating applications (PI @ NRTI) DST, NewDelhi, Govt. of India (Ongoing) 3 yrs 262.3  Solar thermal energy harnessing for waste to energy  Plasto-oil production at commercial level  Industry-academia collaboration  Municipal mixed plastic waste treatment  Green environment
  • Conversion of waste sewage sludge to wealth via hydrolysis / methanogenesis and pyrolysis (PI @ UPES) UPES, SEED grant (Completed) 1.5 Yr 3.8  Modification of an existing single stage digester (120 kg capacity) to a two-stage digestion plant for hydrolysis and methanogenesis of sewage sludge to generate hydrogen (high energy density fuel) and methane.  Pyrolysis of sewage sludge to produce pyro-oil (liquid fuel), pyro-gas (gaseous fuel) and pyro-char (solid fuel)
  • Development of Pre-mixed Charge Compression Ignition Engine (PCCI) operating on Variable Compression ratio with vaporized diesel (Co-PI @ UPES) UPES, SEED grant (Completed) 1.5 Yr 2.7  Development of homogeneous charge compression ignition engine with fuel vaporizer  Performance, combustion and emission characteristics assessment of the developed engine
  • Experimental and computational investigation of combustion and emission characteristics of producer gas engine (Co-PI @ UPES) UPES, SEED grant (Completed) 1.5 Yr 2.3  Production producer gas by using waste lantana needles available at Uttarakhand  Utilization of producer gas for combustion and emission characteristics assessment of the engine
  • Feasibility of harnessing concentrated solar thermal energy to produce and store pyrolysed biofuels for automotive engine application (Co-PI @ UPES) DST, New Delhi (Completed) 3 Yrs. 42.8  Design selection of concentrated solar thermal device for biomass preheating, pyrolysis and fractional distillation.  Study of the solar-driven biomass conversion process with respect to the physio-chemical properties of the produced alternate fuels for IC engines
  • Emerging Biofuel Sector as a Green Alternative: A Legal, Regulatory and Policy Framework on the Adoption and Promotion of Biofuels in India: A Comparative Analysis with Special Reference to United States of America and Phillipines (Co-PI @ UPES) PLR Chambers, New Delhi (Completed) 0.5 Yr. 04  To understand the current state of the biofuel sector, along with the regulatory framework on the adoption and promotion of biofuels such as ethanol.  To explore the impact and efficacy of the biofuel sector on emissions reduction, worker productivity, and efficacy of equipment.  To study and prepare a roadmap that tries to set out the realistic scenario of the use of second generation bio fuels in India.
  • Development of a Stationary Diesel Engine for Dual Fuel Operation of Biodiesel and CNG Fuel (JRF @ IITD) DST, New Delhi (Completed) 3 Yrs. 46  Development of a stationary diesel engine for dual fuel operation with biodiesel and CNG  Development of ECU for accurate and automatic control of gas injection  Optimization of CNG energy share
  • Development and Demonstration of Hydrogen Fueled Multi-Cylinder Spark Ignition Engine Generator Set for Stationary Power Generation (Assistant@ IITD) MNRE, New Delhi (Completed) 3 Yrs. 98  Development of hydrogen fueled SI engine for electrical power generation  Development of hydrogen gas injection system  Mapping of hydrogen gas amount as per the load requirement

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