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GSV Invites Expression of Interest for Development of New Laboratories


The Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya (GSV), A Central University under Ministry of Railways is a pioneer in the domain of Transport and Logistics education in India. The GSV is established with a unique mandate to create a resource pool of best-in-class professionals for the entire transportation sector across technology, management and policy comprising multidisciplinary teaching, executive training and research. The GSV students will be uniquely qualified to significantly contribute in the transportation-related industries and crucially cater to the rising demands of the global economic order.

As a part of its mission GSV plans to establish state of the art laboratories in various domains of engineering. Interested OEMs, vendors or suppliers are invited to express their interest by filling up the appropriate form from the table shown below. Please download the requirements sheet for the respective laboratory, fill the sheet with the offer which may include specifications and approximate cost.

Sr.No. Laboratory Name Specifications Sheet to be filled and uploaded in the form EoI form to be sbumitted with filled sheet
1 Material Science and Metallurgy Lab MSME Lab Sheet MSME Lab Form
2 Metrology and Instrumentation Lab Metrology Lab Sheet Metrology Lab Form
3 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab RAC Lab Sheet RAC Lab Form
4 Manufacturing Technology Lab MT Lab Sheet MT Lab Form
5 Mechatronics Lab Mechatronics Lab Sheet Mechatronics Lab Form
6 Electrical Traction Lab Traction Lab Sheet Traction Lab Form
7 Design and Simulation Lab Design Lab Sheet Design Lab Form
8 Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab Sheet Chemistry Lab Form
9 RCC and Steel Laboratory RCC Lab Sheet RCC Lab Form
10 Building Materials and Concrete Technology Laboratory (phase 2) BMCT Lab Sheet BMCT Lab Form
11 Structural Analysis Laboratory SA Lab Sheet SA Lab Form
12 Transportation engineering Laboratory Transport Lab Sheet Transport Lab Form
13 Railway Track Technology Laboratory RTT Lab Sheet RTT Lab Form
14 Software: Etabs and Midas ETAP/MIDAS Lab Sheet ETAP/MIDAS Lab Form
15 Computer Lab Computer Lab Sheet Computer Lab Form
16 Computer Lab (High-end for AI) Computer(AI) Lab Sheet Computer(AI) Lab Form
17 Electrical Networks and Circuit Theory Networks Lab Sheet Network Lab Form
18 Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation EMI Lab Sheet EMI Lab Form
19 Electrical Machines Machines Lab Sheet Machines Lab Form
20 Advanced Electrical Machines AEM Lab Sheet AEM Lab Form
21 Electric Traction Lab EL Traction Lab Sheet EL Traction Lab Form