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To understand how society works, we need to take a close look at the role and importance of business in society. It gives forward thinkers and dreamers to turn their visions into reality. And this is something which we all need to acquire at this stage of our life. With this mission and motivation, we, the Business Club of NRTI aim to provide students exposure to different domains of business and personality development like Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Leadership, Interpersonal skills and many more.


Extract business talent and ideas from students and creating growth opportunities.



Aligning students towards the practical aspects of business management and assisting them in establishing realistic employment objectives.


20 November 2022 to 25 February 2023

We are happy to announce that National Rail and Transportation Institute, Vadodara, Gujarat has been selected for the Hult Prize 2023.  You can also refer to

our very own website for Hult Prize NRTI. 

The Hult Prize challenges young people around the world to solve the planet & most pressing issues through social entrepreneurship. Globally, teams from around 2000 colleges participate from all 7 continents. They are given a challenge aligned with UN SDGs and a sustainability issue of global impact. This year’s challenge is enhancing sustainability in the fashion industry.

Basically, it is a global social entrepreneurship competition. The globally best team is awarded a seed fund of 1 million USD to incorporate and work on their startup.
Fundamentally, It is an opportunity to create an environment likable to NRTI’s SharkTank.

Hult Prize NRTI Event-1

24th November 2022

Hult Prize NRTI was grateful to have Ms Shafaque Ali, MA in Fashion Design from Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design (Florence, Italy), founder SHAFAQUE as our speaker for the Inaugural Event- The Odyssey, Hult Prize NRTI’23, 

She delivered a talk on innovations in the fashion industry, which focused on sustainable fashion. She talked about how fashion is evolving, and how it feels to be an entrepreneur, also addressing how the companies are focusing on being sustainable in the fashion industry, the areas with potential to explore, etc. The talk clarified our teams’ ability to act on this year’s challenge.

Hult Prize NRTI Event-2

2 December 2022
The Convergeheld on 2nd December 2022, we were honoured to have Mr. Kushal Trivedi, Founder of a Multiple Award-winning EdTech Start-up PreBOO, Mentor SuperCharger VenturesFounder InstituteStartedUp, Josh Talk Speaker and expert in building strategic partnerships deals in marketing, as our following event speaker for Event-2 The Converge, HultPrize’23 at National Rail & Transportation Institute (NRTI).

He spoke about entrepreneurship, developing business strategies focusing on market potential, USP, and business pitching. He discussed how to communicate your ideas to investors, executives, management and the sales team, especially to the target audiences in general and within the Sustainable Fashion Industry.

Hult Prize NRTI Event-3

7 January 2023
Journey of a Startup– held on 7th January 2023, We are thrilled to have had Mr. Nikhil Suthar, Chief Operating Officer of Parul Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Parul University, as our third event speaker for the Hult Prize NRTI.

He enlightened the attendees on how to hit the ground running with start-up ideas, how to generate start-up ideas and secure funding, and whom to approach for funding through his interactive session with attendees by sharing his excellent experience at Parul University.
Overall, the session was a great learning experience for all attendees and helped them understand the process of starting a business better.

Hult Prize NRTI Event-4

21st January 2023

We are grateful to welcome Abhijeet Swarnkar, Founder/ Captain of Interplay, along with ishan pareek, Director at Interplay as our Event-4- The Construire speaker for the Hult Prize NRTI,

The guest speaker delivered a highly informative and engaging talk on the topic of developing companies into recognizable and successful brands. He emphasized the importance of creating relatable content that connects with consumers and familiarizes them with the products being offered.
By doing this, he explained, companies can increase their market value and build a strong brand identity. He also delved into the fundamentals of brand positioning, explaining how to create a unique and effective positioning for a brand. He continued by discussing the key elements of brand design, such as audio-visual identity, messaging, and how to create a consistent and memorable brand image.